Skylar Wilson

Producer, Musician, Composer

Skylar Wilson is a producer and musician based in Nashville, Tennessee


Kree Harrison, TBA, Producer, Composer, Performer

Various Artists, That Night Before Christmas!: Producer, Composer, Performer 

Derek Nelson, TBA, Producer, Performer


Joshua Hedley, Mr. Jukebox: Producer, Composer, Performer

Lindi Ortega, Liberty: Producer, Composer, Performer

The Winnie Blues, SettleDown (single) Producer, Performer 

Lydia Luce, TBA: Producer, Composer, Performer 

Kristina Train, Rayon City: Producer, Performer


Andrew Combs, Canyons Of My Mind: Producer, Composer, Performer

Joshua Hedley, Don't Waste Your Tears: Producer, Performer

Chris Cheney (of The Living End), TBA: Producer, Composer, Performer

 CMT's Still the King Season 2: Composer, Producer


Amazon's Acoustic Christmas: Producer, Composer, Performer

Jonny Fritz, Sweet Creep: Composer

Rorey Carroll, Love is an Outlaw: Producer, Writer, Performer

James Dupre, Stoned To Death: Composer

 CMT's Still The King Season 1: Composer, Performer

 Joe Krauss, TBA: Producer, Performer

Quinn Deveaux, That's What Girls Do: Producer, Composer, Performer

Kelsey Waldon, I've Got A Way: Performer

 The Savage Radley, Kudzu: Producer, Engineer, Performer


 Cicada Rhythm, Cicada Rhythm: Producer, Performer

Steelism, Christmas Around the World: Producer, Composer, Performer

Steelism, The Drawing Room, Vol. 1: Performer

Jessie Baylin, He Needs Me: Producer, Arranger

Robert Ellis, Robert Ellis: String arrangements

 Kansas Bible Company, Paper Moon: Producer, Arranger, Performer

 Henry Wagons, After What I Did Last Night: Producer, Performer

Sarah Darling, T-Shirt: Producer, Performer

Cale Tyson, Careless Soul: Performer, Composer

Gil Landry, Gil Landry: Performer

Cooper, Travolta: Producer, Composer, Performer

Andrew Combs, All These Dreams: Producer, Composer, Performer

Odessa, Odessa: Performer

Sylvia Yacoub, Sylvia Yacoub: Producer, Composer, Performer

Ryan Bailey, Ryan Bailey: Producer, Performer


ABC's Nashville Season 2: Composer

Laura Cantrell, No Way There from Here: Performer

Robert Ellis, Lights from the Chemical Plant: Performer

The Hot Veins, The Hot Veins: Performer

The Roses, The Roses: Performer

Pony Boy, Pony Boy: Producer, Performer

Ri¢hie, Night Games: Producer, Performer

Non-Commissioned Officers, Variables: Composer, Producer, Performer

Kelsey Waldon, Goldmine: Performer

Sonia Leigh, Put it in Your Pocket: Performer

 The Boyle Brothers, Outta Control: Producer, Composer, Performer

Rachel McGoye, Patchwork: Producer, Performer


 The Music of Nashville: Season 2, Vol.1: Composer

Caitlin Rose, The Stand-In: Producer, Composer, Performer, Horn Arrangements

Heidi Feek, The Only: Performer

Jordan Lehning, Jordan Sings!: Performer, Co-conspirator

 Jordie Lane, Not Built to Last: Producer, Performer


Justin Townes Earle, Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now: Producer, Performer

The Depressions, Pas Tout La: Producer, Performer

RayLand Baxter, Feathers & Fishhooks: Producer, Performer

Wanda Jackson, Unfinished Business: Performer, Bandleader

Bird Cloud, Bird Cloud EP: Producer


Various Artists, Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine: Producer, Performer

Justin Townes Earle, Harlem River Blues: Producer, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Synthesizer

Caitlin Rose, Own Side Now: Producer, Assistant Engineer, Performer


Justin Townes Earle, Midnight at the Movies: Bandleader, Performer


Justin Townes Earle, The Good Life: Performer